Stuffelbeam Fabrications offers one stop shop design, prototyping and building services for a wide range of applications including but not limited to:

Work Stations, Weld Tables, Furniture, Custom Lighting, Custom Signage, Laser Cutting, Waterjet, Motor vehicle add-ons/repair, tooling repair, anything TIG welding, Metal Casting, Casting Mold Design, Woodworking, CAD design, Structural Analysis, Battery Systems, 3D printing, and Web Design. 

I am currently offering reduced rates on anything TIG welding related - Guaranteed to beat any competitor!

- Cory Stuffelbeam, Owner


Check out the inventory

All products with listed quantities are built and ready to purchase.  If custom is the first word in the product name then it is open for complete customization. 


Get in Contact

Here lies contact info and a project description form if you want to receive an estimate for a given build or design.  


In need for beads?

If you need something just welded - Broken tools, split castings, automotive repair, components, assembly, production runs or anything that needs beads.  Limited time offer $35 flat rate.


Weld Lessons

Single TIG welding session 

4 Session TIG crash course